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To keep our offer as simple as possible, we offer just two services covering anything you may need. Each service also includes “premium” modifications needed for creating the website. We have no trouble using modern technologies such as jQuery. We make sure the source code is well-formated and documented while complying with all standards.


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amüse grafik
Pizzarelli Website
Roger Dean Oldén Webiste
Truck Website
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The PSD » WordPress service everything you need for creating a website based on WordPress - the popular content management system. All you need to do is send in your source image files (PSD) and we take care of the rest. Trust us, we can do wonders with WordPress: integrating any plugin, creating dynamic elements using jQuery and other modern technologies. Upon request custom functions can be added as well.
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Liquid Website
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Got a page design that needs to be turned into XHTML? That's exactly what our PSD » XHTML service is for! We can transform any page design into clean and valid XHTML code. All pages are guaranteed to work with all major web browsers (IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari & Google Chrome). Our code is 100% hand-written and heavily commented to make further editings easy–code quality is the #1 thing that matters to us.
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